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Related post: Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 00:12:07 -0500 From: Manny Oaks Subject: Our Secret - 3Usual Rules Apply. board bbs preteen Feedback appreciated. (c)2008 by Manny Oaks. The weekend was a blur. I spent Friday night at the Lunar Bar with Thomas, and on Saturday we'd preteen gallery tgp gone hiking in Greer Valley. By the end of the day, Thomas seemed pretty upset with me. I hadn't said much at all in those two days. In fact, the only times I'd ever said anything was when he or somebody else asked preteen girl rape me a question. My mind was whirling with thoughts, and I didn't feel like telling Thomas would be a preteen incest free good idea. Even if he didn't tell anyone, he'd probably think it was queer and weird. Too weird, for sure.I spent both Monday and Tuesday mornings going through the typical school day routine; Waking up, wet preteen nn taking a shower, preteens russian bbs grabbing a quick bite to eat, though I didn't have much of an appetite. I left, and made sure my Dad saw me standing at the bus stop as he passed by for work. Then I would make an about-face and head home.I crept quietly in through the back door, even though I knew no one was home. Mom had left for work before Dad. In fact, waking me up was usually the last thing she did before she left. I snuck up to my room, german preteen tgp turned on the tv, and crawled back into bed. I was too afraid to go back to school. Between Mr. Kean and Mr. Smith, I was very conflicted and confused. I knew what these men had done was wrong, yet I found myself fantasizing every day, sometimes more than once preteen nudists naturist a day, looking for any opportunity I sky preteen models could find to jerk off to and relive the encounters in my mind.On Tuesday, around 1pm, I was doing just that, imagining I trailer sex preteen was at the mercy of the men in an old JC Penney's catalogue. I was moaning quietly, gently pinching my nipples and slipping a loose hand up and down the shaft of my cock, when the doorbell rang. I was startled, as most everyone who came by the house knew what time my parents were sweet preteens at work. Fearing it may have been a package or something, I quickly threw on a pair of sweatpants and a big t-shirt and ran down preteen 14 fucking to the door. I unlocked the front door and opened it without checking to see who it was, and let out an audible gasp when I saw, to my shock, Mr. Kean standing on our porch."Oh! Hey, uh, Darryl!" little preteen creampie he exclaimed. preteens candy models "I was just coming by to see pakistani preteens naked if everything was okay, you haven't been in school these past two days." He spoke rapidly and seemed a little unnerved. I didn't know dildo preteens blog what to say, I was so shocked to see him, so I said nothing. "You mind if I came in a minute, Darryl?" he said to me. I shrugged and timidly opened the screen for him. "Thanks," said Mr. Kean and he entered. I could smell him when he walked by, and it made me realize I had an obvious erection in my sweatpants."This is a very nice house you guys have here, Darryl," preteens in underwear Mr. Kean said, looking around at the living room. He worked his way slowly around the perimeter, looking at pictures and other random bric-a-brac. With his back to me, I tried to find a way to keep ls preteen mag my cock pinned down by the waistband of my sweatpants, but it was no use. I muttered a quick "Thanks" to the teacher and sat down on the couch."So, uh, how come you preteen adolescent pussy haven't been to school, Darryl?" Mr. Kean asked. He turned to face me, tits preteens gallery but preteen boy erect by now I'd crossed my arms over my lap to keep my hardon hidden."Just.. cuz," I said sheepishly."Was it... are, are you parents home, fucking preteen Darryl?" Mr. Kean said in a hushed tone. I hesistated, but then shook my head "No."He glanced around, seeming to mistrust imgboard preteen that answer. "Do you think maybe it had to do with what we did on the bus, Darryl?"I quickly looked to the floor without saying a word. When I looked up preteen modeling boys at the teacher again, it seemed he was no longer concerned about anyone being there; He seemed relaxed suddenly."Come on, Darryl," Mr. free sluts preteens Kean said in a reassuring tone. He came over and preteen naked list sat down beside me on the couch. I could smell him again, his aftershave mixed with his own natural musk. I shivered when he put his arm around my shoulder. "You can talk to me about it, it's okay. What did you think about it?""Um.." I began. "I'm not sure, really. I think... I think I thought it was a bad thing, but..""But did you like it, Darryl?" Mr. Kean asked nonchalantly.When I looked up at him, he was looking right at preteen pic non me. I immediately got the feeling free nonude preteenpics he was imagining me naked and doing things to him. He seemed calm and reserved, but there was a fire, a lust burning in his eyes that preteen girls fingering he just couldn't hide. "Did you like it?" he asked again. I nodded.Just then, he took hot preteen images his arm from around my shoulders, placing his left hand on my thigh once again. Another shiver rolled through me. "If you'd like, we could try it again, maybe try some other things this time." His hand was moving gently up and down my little preteenangels naked erect cock through my shorts. I began to moan loudly at the sensation. It still felt SOO wrong, but I'd been missing his touch, needing it, wanting so badly to remember how it felt. playtoy magazine preteen "Oh sir, Yes.. yes, sir." I moaned, my head back against the sofa, eyes closed.Mr. Kean got up off the chair and stood before me. The unbelievable bulge in his pants made goosebumps rise on my arms and legs; it looked like it was about to burst out of the brown dress pants that contained it. With a flick of his fingers, the top button was undone, and as he unzipped his pants, his cock came spilling out before me; he wasn't wearing any underwear! The teacher stared deeply into my eyes as he slowly jerked on no nudee preteens his massive cock while I lay there, paralyzed with fear and little sluts preteen excitement. Suddenly, Mr. Kean knelt down between my legs, forcefully yanking my sweatpants down. He slipped his rough hands beneath my shirt and up my torso, his thumbs coming to rest lightly on my nipples. He began to quickly flick his thumbs over them, sometimes rubbing inward or groping at my chest. He began preteen girl orgasm to lick around the base of my cock, and the sensations were unbelievable! preteen dick bbs I felt his tongue warming my cock, the feeling of his breath coming forcibly out of his nostrils and cooling the places his tongue was bathing, and the gruff of his stubbly beard and moustache teasing my delicate skin. I nearly felt I could come just from this alone.I opened my eyes and looked down at Mr. Kean as he swirled his tongue around the base of my cock. Then, he came up, looking right into my eyes as he began to take my cock bbs magazine preteen into his mouth. I felt his tongue swirling along the base of my cock, flicking across my frenum, and I began preteen dark sites to twitch and shake, my toes curling and uncurling -- the feeling was so intense I could hardly stand it. Loud, slurping noises came from Mr. Kean's mouth and he slopped about on extrem nude preteen my cock, and I felt precocious preteens his spit and my precum dripping a warm, sticky trail to my asshole. I began to gyrate my hips in a slow fucking motion, which Mr. Kean picked gallery preteen free right up on, slipping his gurgling mouth down my cock to meet my upward thrusts. We broke into preteen amateur nn a steady rhythm, with me letting out small, astonished little moans with each thrust.Mr. Kean slid his strong hands down my body now, defloration petite preteen each hand cupping black preteen vegina one of my ass cheeks, feeling the muscles in my ass as I pissing preteen thrust up to his lips. I was slowly beginning to pick up the pace when Mr. Kean, without missing a beat, preteen filipino models slipped his mouth off my sextoplist preteen cock and slid his loose right fist down in place of his illegale preteens lips. I 13yo preteen stared at him as he looked preteen nudist thumbsnail at me, my mouth hanging open, deep groans and grunts spilling out of my mouth. While continuing to stroke my cock, he rose up, bringing his sloppy lips to meet mine. He began to shove his tongue into my mouth, locking his slick, messy lips over my mouth. I didn't like the feeling of Mr. Kean's cool spit on my face, but when he grabbed both of cartoons preteen sex my hands and held them behind his nudiste preteen head, I finally gave in, grabbing onto the back of his thick neck as he began to lick my face. "Ooooh," I moaned, as I felt, to my astonishment, Mr. preteen pregnant xxx Kean's nine-inch cock slipping across my asshole once again. "Yeah, baby," He whispered, breathing heavily, "You want it, don't you, boy? Tell m how much you want it, Darryl?" Honestly, I was petrified, but everything felt so wonderful, and each time he passed his throbbing cock over my eager pucker I felt like i'd died and amsterdam preteen nudists gone to preteen video anal heaven. "Yes, Mr. Kean," I panted. "I want it, sir. Give it to me! Give me your nudism in preteens cock, sir!"He chuckled to himself, and then began to lick and suck on my neck as he reached down and began to slowly stroke my cock. I moaned as Mr. Kean began to apply a little pressure to my asshole as his cock slowly slipped over it like a paintbrush. He began to take short little jabs, and whispered for me to push out against him, which I did.Suddenly, I gasped. Once again, Mr. Kean's hard, throbbing head was inside of my ass. The feeling took the breath out of me, But Mr. Kean gently stroked my sides with his free hand, lol sex preteen continuing to manipulate my cock, which was softening a bit tiny preteen thumbs now. "I'm inside you, baby," he cooed. I hadn't resumed breathing yet, still in shock at the feeling of his cock inside me. I'd seen it in porn and read about it in stories, but I never, ever imagined how it would feel to have a cock inside of me. My ass kept contracting against it, but each time my body tried to push him out, he pushed forward against me, sending shivers of pain through me. I cried out the second time he did it, and tried to pull away, but Mr. Kean held me preteen girl li steady. "Just relax, Darryl," he said firmly. He preteen photoart again began preteens in action to stare at me and play with my cock. He let a fresh glob of spit drip down onto my dick and hot bikini preteens began to stroke it with a renewed rhythm. He then let leaned back and spit another wad onto the top of his cock. He began to gently slip his cock out, and preteen models nymphets back preteens having sex into my ass. I moaned with every move he made, afraid the sensation would turn into pain. Slowly lsm preteens bbs in, slowly out. In, and out.And then he began to slide his cock into my ass, to the hilt. He did it slowly, but deliberately, all the while with his eyes russian tgp preteen locked onto mine, stroking my cock. "OOOOOOOOH!! SIR!!" I shouted, and began to squirm and flail about, impaled on his cock. "SIR!! MR. KEAN!!" I shouted, my face grimaced with pain. "PLEASE, MR. KEAN!! AWW, Mr. Kean!!""Yeah, tell me how it feels, boy," Mr. Kean seemed to snarl. "Tell me, boy!""Aw, sir, it really hurts!! Please, Mr. Kean, it russian illegal preteen hurts, it hurts!""Yeah," he said, "it hurts but just you wait, Darryl. You're gonna love Daddy's cock, just you wait and see. preteen nipple slips You're dvd preteen model gonna love daddy's nine-incher in preteens modeling lingerie your ass, boy." Still, I continued to protest."Shhhh!!" peeing preteens pics he exclaimed. "Just relax yourself." Again, I felt a surge of panic, but he said once again, "RELAX, Darryl, RELAX!! Relax your ass, boy."I closed my eyes and tried my best to relax, to 'push out' like he'd said. He began to slide slowly in, then out of my ass. preteen panty boys "Aaah!" I moaned, my eyes rolled back in my head. The pain felt strange now. I was growing used to the feeling of my asshole being stretched youngest preteen handjob around his cock, porn preteen bbs and as he built a slow, steady rhythm, I began to meet his thrusts. I felt my cock growing harder and realized the pleasure was beginning to outweigh the pain."Oooohhh, Mr Keeeann," I moaned. He was still stroking my cock, only now there was a stream of connie model preteen precum oozing out of my head. ""Yeah, you like that, don't you, Darryl?" Mr. Kean said."Oooh sir, ooh! Oh yes!! Yes, sir!" i shouted. "Oh, yes, fuck preteen pics galery me, Mr. Kean!! Fuck me, sir!" My cock felt so nude preteens stockings hard it would burst, and I knew if he didn't stop stroking me I would come. I reached down and pushed his hand out of the way, and he reached beneath me, lifting me by the small of my back to hold me preteens male closer to his pistoning cock. I began to moan in earnest now, with Mr. Kean's sweaty preteens naked pixx face rubbing across mine. I wrapped my legs around his back and reached between preteen clits pic us to grab my cock, but there wasn't enough preteens en bikini room.Just then, the teacher looked preteen club down and saw the predicament. He leaned back, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his sweaty chest and hairy gut, which he pressed against me, never once slipping out of rhythm or removing his cock from my ass. preteen nude pantyhose He then leaned forward, allowing the friction of his stomach preteen porno illegal and hair to get me off.I was pure ecstacy. preteens nude free I couldn't believe that only moments before I was afraid Mr. Kean would kill me if he tried to fuck preteen voyuer galleries little preteen outdoor me with russian preteen guestbook this cock, but now I couldn't imagine having to go without the intense pleasure it brought me. "Ooh sir, Oooh!! rape illegal preteens I moaned. "Sir, I'm gonna come REAL soon!!" I groaned."Oh yeah, boy?" he said, picking up his thrusts, hunching rapidly into my ass. "You gonna fucking shoot that hot teenage load, boy?? Let africa preteen porn me feel boy sex preteens you shoot that load all over me, boy, do it! DO IT!! Come on, boy, shoot that creamy fuckin' load!""OOOOH SIR!!" I moaned, "Sir, hot fucked preteens I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna COME!!""That's it, boy!" He said as the first blast of come fired out of my cock."OOOOOH YESSIR!! YESSIR!! Oooh, Augh, Mr. ukraine preteen upskirt homemade preteen pics KEAN!!!" My head was right up between his nipples, and the second shot hit him in the chin, which sent him into a frenzy of fucking. "Oh boy, it's all yours, baby, it's all yours," he said, fucking me wildly as I jerked with orgasm on his cock, my ass clamping down tightly on his dick as he fucked. "Here you go, baby, you're gonna get it!"He slammed all the way into me, and It felt like his cock school girl preteen nearly grew a full size in girth as he began to moan wildly and fire his load into my preteen model mpeg no-longer-virgin ass. I was just beginning to come down from my own orgasm, still shaking with tiny tremors, when Mr. Kean pulled suddenly out of my preteen girl lingeri ass. I felt empty and cameltoe preteen supermodels messy, and when i glanced down I saw a final spurt of come shoot out of Mr. Kean's cock and onto my balls. His head lulled backwards, mouth youngest preteen raped agape, and he finally shouted "OOOOOOOOH!!!" and leaned forward on top of me. I couldn't believe it; My art teacher had just free pix preteen fucked me for the first time, even taking my virginity, and it was our little secret.For a while... -----------------------------------------------------Stay tuned...
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